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Large Volume End Users (LVEUs)

AlarmRecycle is a recycling program for used or expired smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.  ReGeneration’s depot system focuses on consumer volumes that includes a drop-off limit of 40 smoke/CO alarms.

ReGeneration also runs a Large Volume End User (LVEU) program for smoke/CO alarms that provides free pick-up service from any entity that generates large volumes (i.e., more than 40) of smoke and CO alarms. Arrangements can be made for pick-ups on a one-time, regular or as needed basis.

Please review the Products We Accept page to determine whether your alarms are accepted for recycling by AlarmRecycle.

To qualify for as a Large Volume End User, complete an application form and submit it to the contact provided on the form.

Please note: While the program will pick up alarms directly from LVEUs, there is no payment offered for alarms unless the LVEU is acting as a service provider to the program.

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