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The Ontario Pesticides, Solvents and Fertilizers (PSF) program is pleased to accept many types of products available on the market today sold to residential and small quantity IC&I users. Specific municipal collection sites may vary in what products they accept. However, below is a general description of products accepted in the PSF programs. For additional details please view the ON ISP Product Definitions.

Please use our Locator tool to find the collection site nearest you and contact them in advance of your visit to make sure they accept the leftover product you have.:

Pesticides (Domestic)


Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides registered under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada), and the containers in which they are contained

  • the poison symbol (skull and crossbones)
  • the signal words “danger” or “warning” and “poison”
  • the Pest Control Product (PCP) number and
  • the word ‘domestic’ on the label
  • Solid and liquid pesticides
  • Pesticides supplied in aerosols containers
  • Pesticides supplied in containers equal to or less than 30 litres and/or 30 kilograms



Liquid solvents used to dissolve or thin a compatible substance, and the containers in which they are contained

  • Turpentine, alcohols (methanol, isopropanol, ethanol)
  • Ketones (acetone, methyl, ethyl, ketone)
  • Xylene
  • Toluene
  • Mineral spirits
  • Linseed oil
  • Naphtha
  • Methylene chloride
  • Products marked as paint thinners, lacquer, thinners, automative body resin solvents, contact cement thinners, paint strippers and degreasers
  • Solvents in aerosol containers
  • Solvents supplied in containers equal to or less than 30 litres and/or 30 kilograms



Fertilizers are defined as packaged products (N-P-K fertilizers, micronutrients and supplements) regulated under the Fertilizer Act (Canada) bearing the Fertilizers Act registration number. 

  • Products that have a registration number and are used by homeowners, commercial applications, or agricultural operations
  • Herbicide and fertilizer combination products (weed and feed)
  • Fertilizers supplied in containers equal to or less than 30 litres and or 30 kilograms
  • Crabgrass control and fertilizer combination products, other fertilizer and pesticide combination products
  • Micronutrient mixes that contain micronutrient only such as chelated iron or chelated copper
  • Fertilizers that are growth regulants as rooting hormones

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