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Ontario Pesticides, Solvents & Fertilizers

The Ontario Pesticides, Solvents and Fertilizers (PSF) program accepts leftover household quantities of PSF products through a network of collection sites throughout the province. To find the PSF collection site nearest you, please use our Locator tool.

The Locator tool will show you community collection event days that may be taking place in your area or collection depots which operate seasonally or year round.

Get tips on what to do with your left over lawn fertilizer at

Please refer to the list of topics to the left for more detailed information on the specific products accepted by the PSF program or to learn about our PaintRecycle program in Ontario.

Do you have leftover or or unwanted products other than paint, pesticides, solvents and fertilizers that you’d like to recycle? Fear not, Ontario is home to many recycling programs. Try visiting our friends at Orange Drop for tips on recycling batteries, pressurized cylinders, oil containers, and more.


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