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OPEIC, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada has launched a program that gives British Columbians a new and convenient recycling option for their outdoor power equipment.

Recycle your old and broken outdoor power equipment at one of the OPEIC recycling drop-off locations across the province and help reduce pollution, save energy, and protect our environment.

This province-wide network will ensure residents can drop-off these products for recycling as part of their regular routine. OPEIC accepts more than 20 different outdoor power equipment products ranging from chain saws, garden sprayers and lawn mowers to pressure washers, mulchers and wood chippers.

ReGeneration has been contracted by OPEIC to manage the program on the ground in British Columbia.

For more information about OPEIC, including a list of accepted products, depot locations, frequently asked questions, and information for members and “producers” of outdoor power equipment, please visit

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