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The Province of Saskatchewan has issued a Waste Paint Management Regulation. The Regulation requires the paint industry to manage a consumer take back program in Saskatchewan for leftover household paint. This is similar to existing paint recycling programs in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

Is this a government program?

No, this is not a government program. The program is managed by the paint industry thorough their association, ReGeneration, who already manage similar programs in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. ReGeneration’s members include manufacturers, distributors and retail chains.

Where can I take back leftover paint?

You can take your leftover paint to any SARCAN bottle collection depot in Saskatchewan. Visit SARCAN for locations or call (306) 933-0616

These locations can handle bigger volumes:

  • Saskatoon North depot: 2327 Faithfull Avenue
  • Regina Fleury depot: 1421 Fleury Street
  • Prince Albert main depot: 44 North Industrial Drive
What kind of paint is in the program?

Generally “household” or “architectural” paints. See accepted products here.

How much are the environmental handling fees?

ReGeneration collects environmental handling fees from its members on every unit sold in Saskatchewan in order to pay for the recycling program. In most cases, your supplier will have already paid ReGeneration, and will include the fee in or with their price to you as their customer. Note that environmental handling fee is not a tax or deposit; In Saskatchewan, if the environmental handling fee is shown separately on the sales slip it is only subject to GST. If it is included in the price, PST also applies.

Container Size Typical Size Eco Fee/Unit

  • 100 ml to 250 ml $0.10
  • 251 ml to 1 Litre 1 US Quart / 945 ml $0.25
  • 1.01 Litre to 5 Litre 1 US Gallon / 3.78 L $0.40
  • 5.01 Litres to 23 Litres 5 US Gallon / 18.9 L $1.00
  • Aerosol paint containers (all sizes) $0.10
What about paint from another province?

Any paint brought into Saskatchewan “for use in Saskatchewan” is subject to the Regulation and the fees are payable directly to ReGeneration. Any businesses not paying the fees are in breach of the Regulation and subject to enforcement action.

Attention paint contractors! The following SARCAN depots can accept larger volumes:

Saskatoon North depot: 2327 Faithfull Avenue
SARCAN Regina: 1421 Fleury Street
SARCAN Prince Albert: 44 North Industrial Drive

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